Welcome to Gulf Coast Dance Alliance

Gulf Coast Dance Alliance was formed to offer each individual the opportunity to learn the art of dance in a positive, professional and inspiring environment. Each student will receive quality dance training and education in the many disciplines of dance by our diverse and highly educated staff.

Our teachers are passionately committed to providing guidance through the proper techniques of dance while offering individual attention and respect towards each student. We focus on proper body alignment while developing confidence and self-expression.

Whether a student is dancing for fun or planning a professional career, our goal is to allow each dancer to experience proper technique, creativity, musicality, coordination, rhythm and an appreciation for the art of dance while having fun!!!

Brand New State of the Art 5,000 Sq. ft Facility

    • The only studio with complete “State of the Art Sound and Video Equipment” in each of our studio rooms
    • 50 inch monitors in each room – they are used as a teaching tool to review and critic dances throughout the school year
    • Complete wireless internet access in each studio room – this enables the teachers to move around untethered from the system rack and give corrections without any interruptions to students during class.
    • Teachers can access youtube etc… as an additional instructional tool within classes

    Large Parent Waiting Room

    • Large Comfortable Parent Waiting Room.
    • Includes Large Viewing Windows for Parents

    Very Large Studio Rooms

      Professional Sprung Dance Floors

      Sprung Floors

      Professional Solid Oak Double Ballet Bars in Each Room

      Locker Room and Changing Area for Dancers


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          30752 Ember Lane
          Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

          Tel: (251) 621-9755


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